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MULTIPLEX System with CAN protocol: it reduces the number of electric connections, improving reliability and performances. Conceived and engineered to satisfy the demands of commercial and industrial vehicles' manufacturers, it provides an ideal solution for a personalized creation of an electronic control units' network able to manage all vehicle's functions. It interfaces with onboard systems (engine, transmission gear, ABS, ASR, ECAS,..) and provides advanced diagnostics on the functioning state of every vehicle's electronic control unit (OBD).
Thanks to ADICOM, TEQ has become the leading company in vehicles' multiplex systems.

Smart Key

Passive Entry and Passive Start: : allows hands-free lock/unlock of doors and enabling of engine start.

TEQMonitoring ®

Satellite solution for fleet management: a complete system for vehicle localization (AVL), monitoring (AVM), logistics and vehicles' diagnostics. Its main features are a very simple and intuitive central unit software application including all European maps and a small size on-board computer which can be installed on any kind of vehicle. This includes a GPS satellite localizer, GSM/GPRS modem, 1 GB memory for data storage, CAN interfaces, RS232, RS485, inputs and outputs
(AVL: Automatic Vehicle Location - AVM: Automatic Vehicle Monitoring)

Bus Sapiens ®

Auxiliary system for public transport companies. Combined with TEQMonitoring ®, it is able to manage service planning, organization and monitoring, passengers information, communication traffic, integration of board subsystems (ticketing, videosurveillance, passengers counter, etc.), storage of all the collected data and their analysis.


A dynamic guide to urban areas' available parkings. It solves one of the problems which all cities share, i.e. traffic and consequent pollution. It is estimated that one third of the whole city traffic is caused by cars looking for a parking. TEQParking is a guiding system that, by displaying information on intelligent signs, gives directions to drivers so that they can easily reach parkings with free places.


Remote diagnostics for vehicles. Originally conceived for remote diagnostics of ADICOM multiplex plants (CAN network of electronic control units produced by TEQ) and to monitor battery functioning state of electric vehicles, it is nowadays the right solution enabling the remote complete diagnosis of all on-board systems with standard ODB interfaces. Thanks to a module equipped with GSM/GPRS modem interfacing with on-board electronic control units and thanks to a software to be installed on PC, it is possible to verify a vehicle's functioning state exactly in the same way as if this vehicle were in the workshop.

GPD Gas Protective Device

Gas escapes detection system, management and supervision of valves and bottles for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Nowadays more and more vehicles are natural gas powered and Teq has engineered a solution to the safety issue: an "intelligent nose", specifically designed for automotive use, able to be working even when the vehicle is off, and a control unit which constantly monitors the correct functioning of electro-valves, gives warning about any possible anomaly and blocks gas escapes in case of alarm.

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