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ADICOM control units

GPD - Gas leakage detection

Continuous monitoring of gas fuel levels in the air
  • Sensors operate while vehicle is on or off
  • Detects gas levels 20% above the LEL (Lower Explosive Limit)
  • Current consumption at 24V is 33mA
  • Awakes the control system, initiating emergency procedure

Specifically designed for the automotive sector
Due to the environment of the engine compartment, the sensors meet the following requirements:
  • SOperating temperature: -40C to +100C
  • Ingress protection degree: IP 65

Sensors positioning in risk areas
Gas leakage may occur in several areas of the vehicle, such as the gas bottles compartment, motor compartment and preheater compartment. The system supports up to 16 sensors for monitoring of all risk areas.

Sensor Display

GPD - Electrovalve management and control

During normal operation, the system constantly monitors the following:

Current absorption of each electrovalve
Anomalies in current absorbsion can indicate issues in wiring and functioning of the electrovalves.

Plant pressure monitoring
During vehicle's functioning, the system constantly monitors the plant pressure in order to detect any possible over-pressures.

With periodic automatic or on-demand tests, the system can detect the following:

Valves locked open
A high risk situation in which the gas plant is constantly under high pressure.

Valves locked closed A high risk situation in which the pressure of the bottles can increase to dangerous levels due to thermal stresses.

System Flexibility

Can be interfaced with the TEQ ADICOM multiplex system
Can be customized to specific needs
Sensors are fitted with a microcontroller: this solution allows to adjust all components' software to the needs of each vehicle manufacturer.

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