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OEM Products

Hereunder please find a few examples of OEM products:


DPF monitoring and OBD (Diesel Particulate Filter)

Power supply 24V
2005/55/EG norm compliant

- filter presence check
- monitoring of sensors correct working
- trap conditions check
- check of filter's correct temperature
- "broadcast" transmission of anomalies on CAN SAE J1939
- activation of yellow, red warning light and MIL
- errors storing
- engine power reduction
- interfacing with TEQMonitoring diagnostic system
- interfacing with standard OBD systems

VECU - Vehicle ECU for Euro 4 and Euro 5 Deutz engines

Power supply 24 V

- gas pedal contro
- torque request
- starter control
- reading of vehicle' data (speed, brakes, etc.)
- gear box interface
- ambient temperature detection
- activation of yellow, red warning light and MIL

Bus diagnostic interface

Power supply 24 V

- collection of data from vehicle's CAN networks
- collection of data from vehicle's sensors
- analysis of data
- export of data in standard formats to third party systems
ZEBRA Monitor

Gateway GPRS for ZEBRAMonitor - diagnostics for ZEBRA batteries (Ni-NaCl)

Power supply 12-24V

- GPRS gateway for ZEBRAMonitor softwar
- battery conditions remote monitoring
- battery remote parameter setting
PCM Ford Transit

PCM - Power Control Module Ford Transit

Power supply 12V

- preheating control
- air conditioning control
- alternator relay control
- cut-off control
- engine cooling electro-valves control
- alarm buzzer
- rev counter control
- tachometer control
- water temperature instrument management
Sun roof

Electric sun roof control unit

Power supply 12V

- electric motor piloting
- one-pulse closing and opening
- automatic closing piloted by antitheft device
- security check while closing
- motor current absorption check
- motor speed depending on position
Off-Shore Dashboard

Dashboard for Off-Shore boats

Power supply 12-24 V 
Display Graphic, 240 x 64 dot

- contemporary control of several engines
- reading though high precision sensors
- rev counters' large digits
- reading of all engine's parameters
- differentiated counters control (depending of engine revolutions)
- Black Box
Sliding doors and disabled people ramps

Control unit for sliding doors and disabled people ramps

Power supply 12-24 V

- electric motor piloting
- one single control unit can be used for 2 applications
- control of any opening / closing automatism
- security check while closing
- motor current absorption check
- motor speed depending on position
- susceptible edges check
- central locking check and control
- service brake conditions check

This page supplies some information about only a few of TEQ's products and services. The products and the details here described might be different depending on the country of destination. It is therefore recommended to contact TEQ to request a complete documentation of all products and services available and the unabridged technical description of those of your interest.

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