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PDF Let's give intelligence to heavy goods vehicles

TEQ is a leader company in the development of special solutions for the management of heavy goods vehicles, mainly busses, exploiting the intelligent use of all potentialities today offered by electronics.

Fonte: Corriere del Ticino, 08 Maggio 2013

PDF Enterprises: nominations for Italian Switzerland SVC Award

It's a prize awarded to the Italian Swiss companies which stand out for their excellent and long lasting performances, give evidence of remarkable know-how, adaptability to change, flexibility and contribute to generate employment.

Fonte: Corriere del Ticino, 01 Febbraio 2013

PDF Iveco Daily Electric

Cockpit, almost identical to the Daily one with endothermic engine: only the central control unit changes. The one produced by TEQ contains the main information useful to the driver, included the basic requests.

Source: Furgoni Magazine, December 2011

PDF BredaMenarini Vivacity C

Safety: multiplex signed by TEQ. Electrical system Swiss Made.

Source: Rivista Autobus, November 2011

PDF Satellite punctuality with FART buses

Advanced system and new headquarter for the company. Are you waiting for the bus and would you like to know if it is on time? Starting form today, also in Locarno, the satellite will answer to you. Managed by GPS, it supplies real-time information to customers waiting at the bus stop, to drivers, and also to passengers on board.

Fonte: Corriere del Ticino, 24 Novembre 2011

PDF Interview: Alessandro Prioglio. TEQ pionered the application of the CAN protocol

TEQ SA of Switzerland pioneered the application of the CAN protocol to multiplex electronic and electrical networks in industrial vehicles and buses. Today, its technology leadership extends to onboard and remote diagnostics, fleet management, and intelligent transportation systems.

Source: Autocar Professional, March 2011

PDF Where can I find a free parking place?

TEQParking - In Luzern 88 panels give directions on how to reach town parkings. A system - which can be integrated with information systems via Internet Web and Infomobility - connects the parkings and the panels to a central server. Information can be received directly on mobile phone through SMS.

Source: Il mondo dei trasporti, September 2009

PDF I give information :-)

Since the 1st of July an Infomobility system, using innovative intelligent information panels, is available. This information panel is a highly sophisticated device which communicates, through wireless GSM/GPRS systems, with any public vehicle suitably equipped with a satellite location system (GPS). Thanks to this device it is possible to know exactly, at any moment, where a vehicle's is.

Source: Conerobus Website, July 2009

PDF Conquering the world

BredaMenarinibus are one of the major bus manufacturers in Italy. This company was established in 1919, and in the Nineties they constructed more than 30,000 buses and set a new standard in terms of technology and comfort.

Source: IndustryEurope, April 2009

PDF Real time passenger information

TEQMonitoring® is one of the current most advanced RTPI (Real-Time Passenger Information) systems, also able to supply information about connections with other vehicles and with different transport means, such as railway, subway, cableway.

Source: Mobility Lab, March-April 2009

PDF Everything works like a Swiss watch

Public Transport fleet management systems: in order to have a real time monitoring of their service, the company TPL (Lugano Public Transports) relies on Teq's fleet management system. The results for users are excellent and some more technological innovations are being planned.

Source: Rivista Autobus, March 2009
Bruno Boni

PDF Function of the operations' centre

With the aim of improving mobility in Lugano, TPL introduced a system which allows to verify from the operations' centre the adherence to timetable of all circulating buses, to advise the single driver if he is early or late and, if it is the case, how early or how late he is

Source: Rivista di Lugano, 1 May 2008

PDF TEQ - Technology for safety

TEQ engineered and created a service based on the use of mobile and palmar phones to receive information about mobility in Switzerland. It is therefore possible to plan one's own transfers by public transports, to get real time info about streets' congestion, to read on one's own mobile the expected waiting time for a bus.

Source: Il mondo dei trasporti, January 2008

PDF ADICOM system's advantages

Electronics at hand. The growing need for higher performances and deeper controls on board of vehicles led to a considerable increase in the amount of electric cables. ADICOM Automotive Digital Control Modules is a system able to replace the traditional electrical equipment and to perform those functions which hardly integrate with the rest of the equipment.

Source: Il mondo dei trasporti, April 2007

PDF Gas under control with GPD

TEQ / World-wide innovation in the field of safety. The Swiss company, with headoffice in Barbengo, recently put on the market a new product, which represents a real world-wide innovation. It is called GPD, acroniym of Gas Protective Device, and it is an on-board modern system of protection from gas escapes. Through special sensors, normally placed in the motor or gas bottles compartment or in other sensitive areas, this system "smells", in any condition (even with engine off!), any possible gas escapes.

Source: Il mondo dei trasporti, January 2007

PDF More punctual if remote-controlled!

With the new monitoring system, TPL considerably improved their service. The new service managing system (SIGE) adopted by Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi (TPL) became effective in the last few months. It allows a better working organization with consequent great benefits for the company.

Source: Corriere del Ticino, 27 October 2006

PDF Safety on board

An anti-attack button is available to all drivers. A button, hidden in the console of every bus in Lugano, enables the driver to contact in case of need the TPL operations centre and the police, who can immediately locate the vehicle and listen to what is happening inside it.

Source: Corriere del Ticino, 27 October 2006

PDF When the tourist is ... mobile

Thanks to satellite technology, it is possible to manage the fluency of pubblic transport traffic, as proved by TPL / Swisscom / TEQ project.

Source: Corriere del Ticino, 24 October 2006

PDF Travelling informed

TPL (the Public Transport Company of Lugano) implemented a system which, with the aid of mobile communication technologies, gives the passengers a better service with more punctual buses and always updated information. On-time arrivals/departures at/from bus stops, adherence to timetable and to connections among different lines' journeys are more and more important elements in public transport offer.

Source: Swiss Money, October 2006

PDF TEQ multiplex systems

Everything under control. The company TEQ, with headoffice in Barbengo, Switzerland, is a leader in the field of Multiplex systems for vehicles and can offer a particularly wide range of products, such as: ADICOM, a Multiplex system with CAN protocol which, by reducing the number of cables in the electric equipment, improves its reliability and its performances; TEQMonitoring, a satellite locator based on GPS/GSM/GPRS technology ...

Source: Il mondo dei trasporti, October 2006

PDF Innovations in TPL

A system against bus delays. It is impossible to get off at the wrong bus stop: thanks to the new information system giving both visual and acoustic advice, passengers know exactly where they are and when they have to get off. In these weeks, users have realized that the service has evidently improved, with great advantage above all for tourists and for those people who only seldom use public transport lines.

Fonte: Corriere del Ticino, 19 September 2006
Fonte: La Regione Ticino, 19 September 2006
Ing. Giorgio Marcionni

PDF Cotral tries out AVM

This system is entirely planned, co-ordinated and managed by a team of Cotral engineers co-operating with companies such as Maior, Incar and TEQ, with the international company Oracle and with bus suppliers such as Irisbus and Bredamenarinibus. The AVM system will be applied to the whole Cotral fleet within the month of December and this will be a great step forward in terms of technology.

Source: Rivista Trasporti Pubblici, July 2006

PDF Hazardous goods (ADR) require satellite

Gps control will be compulsory starting from 2007. Teq can supply a system which is already compliant. Monitoring the road transport of tanks containing hazardous goods is the latest need to grant safety, as per article 1.10.3 Adr 2005. It is therefore necessary to equip tanks with a GPS location system which constantly informs the operations centre about the vehicle's position and that is able to acquire data for the fleet management.

Source: Rivista Vado e Torno, July 2006
Eliano Zappa

PDF Brains on board

Teq, electronis for automotive: 20 years of experience in the field of automotive electronics. Teq, located in Barbengo, near Lugano, was born in 1986 as supplier of systems for exceptional transport vehicles and for self-propelled machinery used in scrap metal yards. Mr. Alessandro Prioglio, managing director of the company, explains: "In the early Nineties we had the intuition that CAN protocol (Controller Area Network) would be the future: it actually allowed to do without cables. The first applications were developed with Mauri in Desio: this is how the first multiplex system equipped bus based on CAN was born."

Source: Rivista Transpotec Logitec, April 2006

PDF No longer alone when travelling

An electronic eye keeps a watch on Taboga trucks. In this way it is possible to know where they are and to certify deliveries. Nowadays there is much interest in the possibility of using electronic systems to aid driving, but also in the use of electronics for transport companies to manage and monitor their fleets.

Source: Rivista Vado e Torno, January 2006
Emilio Gemelli

PDF Interactive Fleet

A day in the operations centre of Conerobus in Ancona in order to know the capacities of the diagnostic and location system installed in their busses.. Ancona, Conerobus garage, 6.15 in the morning. The first drivers on shift take their place in the buses. They insert their badge in the reader and, once they are identified, the operations centre assigns duties to the single vehicles and gives them instructions about their line. Garage barriers lift and vehicles reach their departure terminus.

Source: Rivista Autobus, May 2005
Elena Prearo

PDF Electronics makes its own way - the fab 4 of fleet management

Multiplex net, already present on all heavy trucks, is now at its 2nd phase, i.e. easier communication outwards and data storage in one single format. Once upon a time, there was the so-called Controller area network, better known as Can bus or multiplex system. Later on, in the late Nineties, five of the most important European trucks contructors (Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Scania e Volvo), realized that those "telematic mini motorways" (i.e. multiplex nets) created on board of trucks needed something more which could allow the languages of different nets to be uniform: a standard.

Source: Rivista Vado e Torno, July-August 2004
Gianluca Ventura

PDF If you know, you can manage

The use of computer systems for fleet management able to centralize gathering and analysis of data and to monitor the exercise allows to obtain cost containment and improved quality of transport services.

Source: Rivista Autobus, November 2003
Bruno Boni

PDF Electronics in building machineries

The electric plant becomes electronic. A digital electronic device such as DIGI-TEQ can be considered a computer system, in which the various terminal are connected with each other through one single cable.....
... The use of electronics is more and more widespread even in building machineries and in building yard plants

Source: Rivista Le Strade, April 1996
Carlo Celada

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